When Paul Tonui completed his training in Nursing, he landed a job at Tenwek mission Hospital in Bomet County.  Little did he know that the experience he got while working at the casualty and outpatient departments at the hospital would open his eyes to private practice and subsequently to the opening of Tonymed Medical Centre in Kiptagich, in South Rift Valley. It was during his tenure at Tenwek hospital that he realized that a good chunk of the patients he treated were coming from Kuresoi South and especially around Kiptagich town which was a long distance away. This gave Paul the idea to start his own clinic in the area and thus was born Tonymed Medical Centre. The clinic is found in a tea zone of Kuresoi South sub-county which is at the border of Nakuru county and within the Mau Forest zone.


After gaining as much experience as he could while at Tenwek, in 2010, Paul made the big shift from hospital he had been employed in for 10 years to Kiptagich town where he set up his own clinic. Equipped with the necessary licenses, a stethoscope, thermometer, BP machine, a couch and a few tins of medicine, the clinic started operating in a small rented room which previously operated as a shop. His initial clients were those he had interacted with at Tenwek and whom trusted his capabilities. It was in the same year that Paul heard about Tunza and after learning about the benefits of the franchise decided to join. “I have so far been able to benefit from the various trainings, business advice and quality assurance education that hare offered by Tunza,” he narrated. “I have also benefited from a lot from trainings on Cervical Cancer screening and treatment, safe motherhood and demand creation from Tunza staff and I take this opportunity to thank them for equipping me with all these skills and due to them I see TonyMed Tunza Clinic growing into a big entity,” added  Paul.

Paul acknowledged that Tunza day events have marketed his clinic which has led to an increase in the number of clients that seek his clinic’s services; in turn, this has led to increased income as the many patients attending the clinic translate to more income for the clinic. In 2012, Paul managed to purchase a plot and build his own premise and has managed to move to the new premise which is spacious enough to attend to his clients.

In 2014 Tonymed Medical Clinic was allowed by Ministry of Health (MOH) to offer antenatal, immunizations and maternity services as well as offer screening and treatment services for TB. The work relationship between Paul and MOH is very good as he is usually invited to attend trainings and meetings by MOH and also get supplies and commodities support. He actually leads in most health indicators in the sub county and MOH is very happy with the services offered in his facility.

To ensure that he is able to take care of all his patients both cash paying and those with insurance cover, Paul applied and got accreditation for outpatient from NHIF in 2015. Currently he is attending to clients in the civil service, elderly, linda mama and national health schemes. He is currently doing some renovations to accommodate the inpatient section so that he can apply for the inpatient scheme from NHIF.

“I never imagined I could be where I am today and can only say that I am able to achieve what I have through God’s favor and the assistance I have gotten from the Tunza Network. Currently, I have employed 14 staff members who assist me attend to the 50 or so clients who visit us daily. Without them I would not be able to do my other side hustles and as we speak, I look forward to expanding my hospital with extra wards, X-rays, ultra sound and theatre machines” explained Paul.

PS Kenya is playing a major role through Tunza in ensuring health providers like Paul are able to offer quality services at the same time reap profits from their business.




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