PS Kenya means Health

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


PS Kenya has been in Kenya for more than 20 years with a focus on providing health products and services that empower Kenyans to make healthy choices. Our interventions address the major health issues in sub-Saharan Africa: HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Health, Maternal Health, Non Communicable Diseases and disease threats to children under 5 years of age – Malaria, Diarrhea and Pneumonia.

In the time that we have been here, we have learned a lot; especially about ways to address the health challenges that Kenyans face while seeking positive healthy behaviors. This blog is a pathway to our achievements, challenges and lessons learned. We will take you to Kipkelion where one father has broken ranks with other men to do the unthinkable: accompany his wife and child to the post natal clinic; to Tana River where Kokane is resting easy every night because her twins are tucked safely under a mosquito treated net. We will show you how a community health worker convinced a mother of 7 to get screened for Cervical Cancer in Dandora Slums and also about the role model who is convincing women of Mt. Elgon to plan their families by using modern family planning methods.

We will share what our research has taught us about addressing controversial health issues as well as the impact we have made through our interventions.

Do join us as we share our journey with you and tell your friends to subscribe.


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